Ocea Savage

The Shaman of Sound


Ocea's Holiday Mix Tape

Released Dec 2018 OCEA’S HOLIDAY MIXTAPE….enjoy

  • 3:51
    Kenrick & Myresha Bailey-vocals,D.V .Walker-vocals,F.Savage-vocals, Ocea Savage-guitar,bass,keys/synthesizers and drums.
  • 3:53
    Greg Ballad-vocals,Nino Fernandez-guitar solo,Ocea Savage-bass,keys/synthesizers,drums and background vocals.
  • 3:50
    D.V. Walker-vocals,Marcus.Savage-vocals,Mark Wright-trumpet,Ocea Savage-guitar,bass,keys/synthesizers and drums.
  • 1:53
    Ocea Savage-bass,keys/synthesizers and drum programming.
  • 3:52
    Nino Fernandez-guitar solo,Ocea Savage-bass,keys/synthesizers and drums.
  • 4:47
    by Solomon Isom,Ocea Savage, Jimi Dright..ft: Dave Hollister & Tramaine Hawkins-vocals..Solomon Isom-keyboards,Ocea Savage-guitar and synthesizers...c/p 1991 ascap

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