Ocea Savage

The Shaman of Sound

Studied: from ages 11-18 under Phil Hardymon 1974-1981 in Berkeley California….

Studied: under guitarist Ronnie Boykin 1979-1981 in Berkeley California….

Studied: under Tom Hibdon, Elvo D'Amante and Ed Kelley 1981-1982 at Laney College Oakland, California….

Studied: Music Theory and Psychology of Music at San Francisco Conservatory of Music 1982-1987….

Studied under pianist Rodney Franklin 2012-2014….

Continuously studying the Metaphysics of Sound and Music….

Notable Artist:
Ocea is honored to have recorded and/or performed with the following artist:
Dave Hollister, Tupac Shakur, Digital Underground, Tramaine Hawkins, Ice T, Rodney Franklin,Eazy E, Larry Graham, James Levi,Timex Social Club, Dan Aykroyd,Dr. Dre and many other great artist.

Instruments Played: guitar, bass, electric / acoustic pianos & synthesizers. I’m A Guitar Player Who Thinks Like A Bass Player Who Happends To Play Piano.

Influences: As a kid/teenager in the 60s & 70s I was influenced by music from Television,Stage,Theater,Movies,Radio & Recordings. I was exposed to many great film composers such as Lalo Schifrin,Issac Hayes,Herbie Hancock,Clare Fischer,Henry Mancini,Curtis Mayfield,Syd Dale,John Williams,Willie Hutch,James Horner,Nino Rota and Quincy Jones.....

Other influences: Earth Wind & Fire,Cameo,King Crimson,George Duke,Frank Zappa,James Jamerson,Miles Davis,The Jacksons,Stevie Wonder,Marvin Gaye,Motown,Kendrick Lamar,Alan Parsons Project,Wah Wah Watson,Ray Parker jr,Weather Report, Eddie Van Halen and others.



Additional Info:
Ocea has earned a platinum album with(The Timex Social Club’s)1986 smash hit “Rumors”…platinum album with(Force One Network’s) song “Spirit” in the 1991 Oscar nominated movie “Boyz N The Hood”…platinum album with(Digital Underground’s)1990 album “Sex Packets”


Other Works: Has contributed sound and/or music for the following:

1991 oscar nominated movie "Boyz N The Hood" starring Cuba Godding jr,Nia Long,Ice Cube and Morris Chesnut

1993 movie "Mi Vida Loca"

1993 movie "The Pelican Brief" starring Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts

1998 movie "What Dreams May Come" starring Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding jr

2003 movie "Old School" starring Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn

2004 movie "Dawn Of The Dead" starring Mekhi Phifer and Ving Rhames

2009 movie "Chloe" starring Julianne Moore

2009 movie "Triangle"

2014 movie "The Drop" starring James Gandolfini

Ocea also provides music for various independent films/shorts,documentaries,commercials and other media applications.

Other Notes:
Ocea has appeared twice on Soul Train with Don Corniellius-episodes #521 & #723,Top Of The Pops (England) and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and in several music videos.

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