Ocea Savage

The Shaman of Sound


New Music....2019

by Produced by Ocea Savage

New 2019 music for downloads coming soon.

  • 3:57
    by o.savage,d gordon,r.woods….Regina Woods-lead & background vocals,Ocea Savage-guitar,bass,piano,synthesizers,rhythm programming & background vocals….c/p 2019 Wave Bye Bye Music ASCAP.
  • 4:22
    by o.savage…Ric Alexander-saxophone solo,Pook Jenkins-bass,Burr Redding-drums,Ocea Savage-guitar,organ and fender rhodes electric piano…c/p 2019 Wave Bye Bye Music ASCAP.
  • 3:01
    by o.Savage.....Ocea savage-piano c/p 2019 Wave Bye Bye Music ASCAP
  • 3:39
    by o.savage….R.T. Ahuja-voice,Juan Carlos-percussion,Rob Davilla-flute,Ocea Savage-synthesizers & voice…c/p 2019 Wave Bye Bye Music ASCAP. Note: Listen to this song while sitting or lying in a relaxed state.This song was created to stimulate your crown chakra.

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