Ocea Savage

The Shaman of Sound


I Am a Shaman Of Sound. A practitioner, magician and healer of souls through the universal power of sound and music. I Am a messenger between the human world and the spirit worlds, through sound vibrations and music to heal and restore the soul/spirit and physical body to wholeness and balance.

Art is a gateway in which we make the unseen seen, the unheard heard and to help generate emotions of well being and reverence to take individuals to the next plateau.

To hear and feel the vibrations of word/sound/music and the energy that’s carried has power and control that many individuals may not be aware of. Music for mere entertainment is at the lower end of the spectrum, it is also used in conjunction with dance, visuals,costumes,artistic crafts and words to heal, inform, uplift and even time travel.

All life humans, plants and animals etc… have energy and frequencies. There are frequencies at the lower and higher ends of the spectrum. We have to be clear about our frequency and it is critical how we guard our God frequency and strive to function at the higher end of the spectrum. However many of us get caught up at the lower level and part my mission is to give a Spiritual Audio Cleansing to all who listen and experience my music….

Ocea Savage 2018

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